Timoshenko: Pushing it Further One Card at a Time

For those who play online poker, the name Yevgeniy Timoshenko has become synonymous with skill, poise and resolve. What is perhaps even more amazing is the fact that this young man was only born in 1988, thus making him one of the youngest players to achieve such fame so early in what may prove to be an industry-changing career.

While his playing skills certainly are not to be taken lightly, it must never be forgotten that Mr. Timoshenko had lived in the Ukraine until he was eight years old. He had hardly any of the opportunities that other players have had in their formative years. Nonetheless, he has risen to fame due to his prowess in many of the largest and most prestigious poker tournaments that the world has to offer. With a career as colorful as his personal history, it is a good idea to take a look at this incredible rise to power and some of the defining moments in a life still yet to be fully realized.

The Early Years
Although he had already been playing poker in smaller venues, Mr. Timoshenko’s first true breakthrough moment arrived in 2008 when he was crowned victorious at the Asian Poker Tour. At such a young age, he was awarded the tidy sum of approximately $500,000 dollars. This was the first time that both novices and professionals alike began to take notice. Although some believed the victory to be no more than a fluke, they were proven wrong when he won the 2009 April event at the World Series of Poker. This garnered him no less than $2,149,960 dollars. During this same time, he finished at an impressive third place in the WSOP that was held in London.

2011 and Beyond

Mr. Timoshenko has followed in the very same direction ever since. At the 2011 World Series of Poker, he finished second place; a title that netted him no less than $525,980 dollars. He punctuated this feat by placing fourth at a table that also contained the future main event champion Pius Heinz. By this point, even the casual fan of the online poker room began to wonder when this young man’s luck would turn. By the latter half of 2012, his winnings totaled in excess of $4,700,000 dollars. However, his momentum was far from over. At the most recent World Series of Poker held this year, he accrued $285,408 dollars in the No Limit Hold ‘Em main event. This is the highest grossing “in the money” finish in the history of the tournament. Indeed, his talent for live poker events cannot be taken lightly.

Online Gaming
As opposed to some of the more traditional gamers, Mr. Timoshenko maintains an active presence on the web as well as in the online poker community. It seems that playing online allows him to further hone his already razor-sharp skills on and off of the table. He currently plays poker and as a testament to his expertise, he had also won the World Championship of Online Poker in 2009. So, it is now clear that he is just as well-versed in online venues as he is at the World Series of Poker. Whether sitting at a casino table or playing online poker real money is indeed real money.

It is an unfortunate fact that not all of us will ever reach the levels that Mr. Timoshenko has already achieved. These suggestions can help us to better our skills when playing poker games online and they will provide us with valuable insight as to how players such as Yevgeniy Timoshenko seem to possess the ability to dominate matches to easily. Bodog review strategies, different types of gameplay and which methods work best against certain players. Let us not forget that above all, Bodog is one of the largest and most popular online casinos in the entire world.

It would be of no surprise at all to learn that Mr. Timoshenko had recently attended a few online matches. As the popularity of online casinos continues to grow, so will this young man’s fame and fortune likewise increase.