Patrik Antonius

Basically from Finland, Patrik Antonius loved outdoor games, especially tennis. His formative years were spent playing the game and he built a great physique to endorse the game. With a great competitive spirit, he loved to take up any challenge and made sure that he was on the winning side of the game. He always believed in high stakes and this offered him the thrill which he was craving for. His games became a legend for others to follow and he soon became a role model for others. He was attracted to high stake games and daring nature made him a very popular player around the world. He would be the first person to take up challenges and ensure that he won them.

His passion for tennis was sidetracked when he had injured his back and could not play the game anymore. His good looks also gave him a chance in the modeling industry; but his heart was set at the game of poker. This was one game which he had learnt at a very tender age of eleven years. This was the time when he his rich mind soaked in all the tricks and ways of winning the game. The year 2003 saw him winning online games and when he participated in the first live tournament, he had the hearts of the viewers in his hands.

His first table appearance was not to be his last; the winner in him made sure that he would not have to look back from where he began. Whichever event he participated in, he made sure that he came out winner in each of them. His online winnings were substantial and he no longer had to worry about the income and the earnings. This gave him the confidence which he was craving for and made sure that he kept on winning games.