Swede Martin Jacobson Wins $10,000,000 in the Poker Main Event of 2014 World Series

Martin Jacobson wins the $10,000,000 Poker Main Event at the 2014 World Series and the interesting part is that he has never won a big live poker tournament before. This is also one of the grudge that people had against him along with comments like that he is too quiet a type to represent the game of poker and not mention that he was the penultimate player in chips at the starting of the finable table.

Poker world was rife with these kinds of conversations in the months prior to the start of the 2014 world series of Poker Main Event Final table. The poker player from Sweden proved to be the lone player left at the table to win the WSOP gold bracelet –the first for him- and also the huge purse of $10 million for achieving the first place.

Jacob was among the three players left in the field after the return of November Nine on Monday, the other two European players namely Felix Stephensen and Jorryt van Hoof. As bad luck would have it, chip lead of van Hoof did not survive and the Dutch player was ousted being the smallest of the three stacks.  After fighting through 49 hands in a three way contest, van Hoof was shown the rail and the third place. Continue reading “Swede Martin Jacobson Wins $10,000,000 in the Poker Main Event of 2014 World Series”

Michael Mizarchi a player with great passion

Michael Mizrachi is one of the best players of poker who plays slowly and patiently. He is very passionate player of poker. Michael is very patient person. He is one of youngest player of poker. He is known by the name of The Grinder n poker world. He has born on 5 Jan 1981. His home town in Mirmar from United States. His twitter id is @thegrinder44. He won $14,357,178 casino winnings and 23 career title which is very huge titles he has he won 139 cashes which is best record in the world of poker.

He has shown his best performance in World Series of poker. He has won $6,910,867 winning and 35 cashes in this series also he has won 3 bracelets and he has gone to 13 final table in this series. He has also played on world poker tour he has won $4, 66,683 casino winning and 13 cashes also he went for 6 final tables in world poker tour also he has won 2 championship in this series.  He has not played in European poker tour. And he doesn’t own any poker of the year ranking also. He is going to play for his best soon. Continue reading “Michael Mizarchi a player with great passion”

James Mackey Earnings show poker is a lucrative field

Poker offers multifarious opportunities for the young and experienced players equally. The world has always overlooked young whiz kids who are tenaciously set to realize their potential, when the youthful get the opportunity to shine, they always do so. One of the youngest poker professional players who have performed incredibly well at globally significant tournaments is James Mackey.

He received the limelight when he brought a final table at the World Series of Poker $5,000 buyin NLHE tournament down to rake in plethora amounts of money and a bracelet. Horning his skills when poker had already digitalized to include virtual games, he has not hesitated to spread his wings even wider. He plays online and live tournaments where he has performed excellently. Poring over his compact poker resume and brief experience in the casinos show young players have latent talent and experience though a germane factor is not always conclusive. Continue reading “James Mackey Earnings show poker is a lucrative field”