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German Based Poker Player “RKOoutofNWHR” Receives Big During 888poker XL

The weekend managed to move up the heat regarding online poker tournament which is called as XL Blizzard and offer immense of the exciting game for the participants in various tournaments. The delightful events in the schedule of the online festival took place since 888poker announced about the structure which was XL Blizzard #10 – $200,000 Tune Up. Due to large and guaranteed prize pool as well as the striking first-place prize, the event brought together the largest number of participants and saved various hours of the most exciting play for all, particularly for winner “RKOoutofNWHR”.

To be meticulous, players who wanted to move at the top position on the leader board required to play for at least thirteen hours for making their way via huge crowd. Due to alluring payouts for one of the best, there were 1,027 players who were formally registered. The things were started with first entry level, which includes 352 re-buys, which resultantly brought the entries up to 1,379. This is made clear that the total live pool is self-sufficient and it also became clear that it has moved the dedicated funds.

All the entries produced prize pool amounting of cost, up to $206,850, which resulted into attractive payday to top 135 positions on the leader board. This win was collected by German poker player “RKOoutofNWHR”, as soon as he reached at the top position of the rank list and got the big hearted payout amount of $35,591. The poker player laid acquired the big prize son after defeating a German based player with nickname “Stiffler29” and brought him to the runner-up position, which leads to get him $28,181. Many hours back, the money was moved by Austria based poker player “Fackedelic” who became the last player who failed to make any cash payouts.

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