Women in Poker

In the early days, it was often said that the poker gaming club is only for men and not for women. But with the passage of time most of the female poker players proved it wrong by showing their playing skills and abilities. Many female poker players marked their presence in the poker club through their marvelous performance in the card games. They successfully changed the thinking that of poker gaming world is male dominant. As time has been changed now a days and females have started paying more attention towards the poker gaming world.

Apart from having beauty and pretty face as well, women have proved that they can be good poker players too; just same as any men poker player in the poker gaming world. Today, the world of poker has many great female poker players who have skill and ability to beat many of the best male poker players. Women have started engaging themselves with the poker card games; most of them play poker card games full time and few of them as part time; they play live poker games at poker rooms or at clubs and online poker games as well including several tournaments.

Females are eager to mark their presence in each field, and so at poker gaming world as well. There are many female poker players who have marked their presence at the poker game tables, and this number is increasing day by day. Millions of cash prizes have been won by several female poker players at major poker rooms and major poker online tournaments. They are in process of overwhelmed male poker players in the poker card games and poker gaming world. The list of best female poker players have been appeared more and more in the present days and even is regularly been updated. The day is not far when female poker players will highlight themselves equally same as male poker players.

Become a Professional

How do you make it to the top like Yevgeniy Timoshenko? I wanted to know as much as you do, so I plotted out the careers of two of the world’s greatest online poker players to see what I could learn! This is how these two made it…

Stu Ungar
People would have not seen glorious victories of the Stu Ungar unlike other poker players, even though Ungar was unstoppable during his prime time. The main reason behind not having any of the primary winnings in the list of his carrier graph is that, he remained inactive in the world of poker for some certain time period, as he was passing from drug addiction. Continue reading “Become a Professional”

Timoshenko: Pushing it Further One Card at a Time

For those who play online poker, the name Yevgeniy Timoshenko has become synonymous with skill, poise and resolve. What is perhaps even more amazing is the fact that this young man was only born in 1988, thus making him one of the youngest players to achieve such fame so early in what may prove to be an industry-changing career.

While his playing skills certainly are not to be taken lightly, it must never be forgotten that Mr. Timoshenko had lived in the Ukraine until he was eight years old. He had hardly any of the opportunities that other players have had in their formative years. Nonetheless, he has risen to fame due to his prowess in many of the largest and most prestigious poker tournaments that the world has to offer. With a career as colorful as his personal history, it is a good idea to take a look at this incredible rise to power and some of the defining moments in a life still yet to be fully realized. Continue reading “Timoshenko: Pushing it Further One Card at a Time”

Patrik Antonius

Basically from Finland, Patrik Antonius loved outdoor games, especially tennis. His formative years were spent playing the game and he built a great physique to endorse the game. With a great competitive spirit, he loved to take up any challenge and made sure that he was on the winning side of the game. He always believed in high stakes and this offered him the thrill which he was craving for. His games became a legend for others to follow and he soon became a role model for others. He was attracted to high stake games and daring nature made him a very popular player around the world. He would be the first person to take up challenges and ensure that he won them.

His passion for tennis was sidetracked when he had injured his back and could not play the game anymore. His good looks also gave him a chance in the modeling industry; but his heart was set at the game of poker. This was one game which he had learnt at a very tender age of eleven years. This was the time when he his rich mind soaked in all the tricks and ways of winning the game. The year 2003 saw him winning online games and when he participated in the first live tournament, he had the hearts of the viewers in his hands.

His first table appearance was not to be his last; the winner in him made sure that he would not have to look back from where he began. Whichever event he participated in, he made sure that he came out winner in each of them. His online winnings were substantial and he no longer had to worry about the income and the earnings. This gave him the confidence which he was craving for and made sure that he kept on winning games.

Most Prolific Player

Andy Black, in the present era this name is counted under list of most prolific poker players in the world of poker; it is considered that he would be playing games right from his childhood. Andy learned poker game rules from his mother in his early age as she was biggest fan of the poker games.

The main reason behind mother’s teaching was that, she was willing to distract mind of her son from the problems and troubles which were going in the town due to the terror of IRA’s reign. With the passage of time Andy started playing poker games much more seriously, at the time when he was studying law in the Trinity College of Dublin.

Andy was a team member of one of the poker school of that time, at the Junior Common Room; and started playing in small tournaments in the year 1986. Andy was frequently found to see at the Griffin Casino of Dublin. Finally Andy attended his first and one of the major tournaments in the year 1997, alongside a young Tom Schnieder (of ‘Tom Schneider shines again‘ fame).  Unfortunately, he was defeated by Stu Ungar at the WSOP Main Event. This defeat created massive impact on Andy’s personal life and carrier life.

After facing a defeat, Andy took break of 5 years from the poker table and then after he followed towards semi-monastic Buddhist, and started showing his strengthened faith. He has been continued following the Buddhist enlightenment in his life way, and later on came back in the world of poker at the table with full holster emotions in himself. He started competing in several tournaments and won many European tournament events; in the year 2005 he occupied 5th position at the event of WSOP. He won near around $2 million in the same tournament. He raises his bank roll up to $4 million from several tournaments. He is exclusively seen playing poker at the Full Tilt Poker. He even donates his winning amount at many charity houses.

Top Three Celebrity Poker Enthusiasts

Just like the general public in Dermark and the rest of the world, poker is popular among celebrities. Some of these celebrities chose to play grand in live casinos, while others opt for a more discreet game in social gaming sites. Below is the list of the celebrities who happen to be poker enthusiasts.

Shannon Elizabeth
American Pie star Shannon Elizabeth is no stranger to poker. This Texas native got her start at poker at a young age, playing draw and stud games with her family back in Houston. Her table presence was only established after she emerged victorious in a number of celebrity tournaments throughout the country. Continue reading “Top Three Celebrity Poker Enthusiasts”