Become a Professional

How do you make it to the top like Yevgeniy Timoshenko? I wanted to know as much as you do, so I plotted out the careers of two of the world’s greatest online poker players to see what I could learn! This is how these two made it…

Stu Ungar
People would have not seen glorious victories of the Stu Ungar unlike other poker players, even though Ungar was unstoppable during his prime time. The main reason behind not having any of the primary winnings in the list of his carrier graph is that, he remained inactive in the world of poker for some certain time period, as he was passing from drug addiction.

He often used to lose his cash earnings prize, which he earned from the poker games by betting on horses and sports, he was having serious problems of gambling. Many players who had seen him and played against him said that Ungar is absolutely genius.

Ungar is far and even away from two most important and prodigious skills which are greatly required on the poker tables for success, that is reading ability and mathematical intelligence – a Texas Holdem strategy.

His one of the co-poker players Mike Sexton said about Ungar that he had super and genius level of IQ and sounds along with abnormal preciseness and could even recall images. He became foremost gin rummy poker player in the poker circuit and on online poker US sites, due to math ability present in him. And due to his second nature in the game of Blackjack he created counting cards. He used to calculate odds and even interest exactly and perfectly.

Stu’s most basic and impressive attribute was that, he was having clairvoyant ability of judging what his co-players were holding. The rumors are that, without looking upon hole cards, Ungar successfully won some of the tournaments. He won Poker World Series championship in a much dramatic fashion style. After getting free from drug addiction, he successfully made comeback in the year 1997. He recovered and returned back on the poker tables after a long treatment. He was one of the most virtuous poker players on the poker tables and in the field of poker circuit as well.

Dale Philip
Dale Philip came from Scotland, one of the small towns of UK. He is an online poker player. He came to know about his poker game skills through video game plays. He rapidly discovered playing poker online games and very soon realized that skills of gamer present within him, can give him quite a virtual felt for living healthy life style.

The initial hobby that started with poker freerolls turned into a lucrative carrier and full time playing passion, and that was the day he never looked back. He tested his first major success by winning cash prize of $2,247 in the PokerStars Championship Main Event of World Blogger Online Poker (WBCOOP) in the year 2006.

He started achieving big win and continued for the long time, he was specialist of a Sit/Go game poker play and regularly he started crushing and playing online poker games at PokerStars. He is now looking forward to add achievements in his chart list by working at MTT game, the day is not far when he will set his sights by winning bracelet of World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP), in a near by future. He still writes some of the popular blog, and offers a free poker download, even looking ahead to promote the games which he loves, he is willing to promote to a wide audience, presently he has joined to the team of pro players of world elite roster.

Travel is Dale’s another major passion, currently he has undertake a challenge of “Tour of Cards”, he will personally visit around 52 countries all over the globe in 52 weeks, by playing numerous poker games along his way, and even blogging from his every stop. The day is not far when whole over the world people will know him. He is a team member of Online PokerStars and he plays online poker games by using nickname “Daleroxxe” on the screen of online poker games.